Celebration Studios
Architectural: Design/build, new construction/renovation (specialty: historic Church properties), residential/institutional
Fine Art By Commission: Fine art portraiture, sculpture, mural painting and drawing, with particular emphasis on Catholic sacred subject matter. Call or e-mail for prices, to order, or for additional information.
Wholesale/Retail Purchase: Works in stock, The Jacky Blue Series© of books for children, orders for miniature animal series.
How to Order: Please contact us by phone, e-mail, or postal mail with your request for more information, a quote for a project, the cost of an in-stock item, or to order our books or mini-animal series.
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Contact Us: Celstumo®/Celebration Studios of Missouri
18253 Buckboard
Wildwood, MO 63069
(636) 399-6696
e-mail: Celstumo@celstumo.com
Our Location: Find us in the heart of the Midwest in Wildwood, MO, among the most beautiful rolling terrain of the Ozark foothills.